Crown Volume 1 completed

At least one Volume is done.

Link at the Forum.


Chapter 2b

After so many weeks, I can present you with a new part of Chapter 2.

Finally a new Chapter

After so many weeks a new chapter Crown is ready to read.

All of our releases can be found in the Release area.

Edit by Oni: Sorry guys, Its all my fault. I was having Irl troubles. But they are over.  😀

Chapter 1d

At last the final part for Crown Chapter 1. And I would like to ask If you would like to have a part of a chapter every week, or the full one after a month or so.

Because I don´t have much time Chapter 1d isn`t coming.But if I find a bit time, I will do my best to complete it.

Ya. anyways. First off i would like to Say. Hello. I am Oni. I’m evul. Most of the time at least. Now on to the real meaning of this post

I didnt know maar was going to be doing Psychic Academy, but as soon as i saw it, i let him know its already been done. So now he wont be wasting his time with it ^^ Thanks to w/e else pointed that out.

Next I’d like to say this. Although the first release was of poor quality (No offense Maar, but we all suck the first time… except me… Mine was pwn the first time) But as you can see, the releases are steadily growing in quality. You can expect a V2 of Chapter 1 when its all done being scanned.

Finally id like to bring up that like any group, We need members. Lots and lots of members. All positions are recruiting. Especially translators. Maar doesnt know this, but i have lots of projects this group can do, assuming that Some translators join. Not just G>E either, We need some J>E and C>E as well. Translating from one language to another and then to another loses so much meaning, its not worth it.

Anyways, Thats what i have to say about that. Also, if you join, you get free cookies. So please, join.\


Chapter 1c

All of you can find the link in the Forum.